About Us

The Windrush Justice Clinic is a partnership made up of community organisations, law centers and universities striving to help victims of the hostile immigration environment receive the compensation they deserve.

Founding Partners

The founding partners include Southwark Law Centre and North Kensington Law Centre; Kings College University Legal Advice Clinic, the University of Westminster Legal Advice Clinic, London South Bank University Legal Advice Clinic; and community groups Claudia Jones Organisation, The Windrush Compensation Project and The Jigsaw House Society.

I am passionate about the work that we do in the WJC to achieve justice for people who have been subjected to the harsh and inhuman treatment that is a consequence of the racist policies and legislation that this country is and has historically been ruled by.

Anna Steiner

Senior Lecturer and Supervising Solicitor at the University of Westminster Legal Advice Clinic

Founding Member

Community Organisations

Claudia Jones Organisation

Facilitating engagement with the community and providing support, publicity and a trusted community face

Sandra James

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Jigsaw House Society

Promoting Windrush Justice Clinic, introducing more legal and higher education groups nationally to the partnership and supporting further investment and fundraising opportunities.

Fezzan Ahmed

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Kamal Sanusi

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Law Centres

North Kensington Law Centre

To provide casework and representation for victims of the Windrush scandal To identify possible strategic challenges

Franck Kiangala

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Southwark Law Centre

To provide casework and representation for victims of the Windrush scandal. To assist with supervising the work of the Legal Clinics. To identify possible strategic challenges. To administer grant income on behalf of the project. To facilitate the google referral group

Sally Causer

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I co-founded the Windrush Justice Clinic with my inspiring colleagues because I want every victim of immigration injustice to receive fair compensation for their ill-treatment, and to help them with the wider negative impact of that treatment.

Fezzan Ahmed

Chair, Jigsaw House Society

Founding Member


King’s College London

Provide students to work with Southwark Law Centre to assist in their casework representations of victims of the Windrush scandal. Provide research support on issues concerning the Windrush Compensation scheme and related issues. Provide advice and assistance to members of the public claiming compensation.

London South Bank University

To conduct detailed ‘triage’ interviews with clients. This involves taking a detailed history from the client and giving some initial advice regarding eligibility for the compensation scheme, evidence to be submitted and possible heads of compensation, before referring the client on to one of our specialist partners for assistance in making or progressing the claim.

Catherine Evans

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The University of Westminster Legal Advice Clinic

To provide advice and assistance to members of the public claiming compensation and lead on a collaboration with other University Law Clinics in rolling the service out nationally.

Anna Steiner

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My parents inspired me growing up, they both gave so much to their community and instilled in me that its part of my duty to do the same. It takes a village to raise a child, I was that child, this is my village. Using my skills and knowledge to protect it, is the least I can do.

Subira Cameron-Goppy

Windrush Justice Clinic Co-Ordinator, Claudia Jones Organisation

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